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Are you a student?
You may need to do a tax return

We understand that the preparation of a tax return can be a daunting process, especially for the first time. We recognise that students live hectic lifestyles, often juggling studies with work and other commitments.

Saward Dawson is offering a streamlined service for students working on a part-time basis or working during a gap year, at a heavily discounted fee.
Here are some of the benefits:

bulletA streamlined online service – no face to face contact is required
bulletA fixed fee of $40 per tax return *
bulletIf you are an existing client, we would like to offer a special arrangement.
bulletIf you require further advice in relation to taxation, insurances, budgeting or debt management, we are happy to help. This advice would be considered separately from preparing your tax return and an additional fee may apply.

* Conditions apply

All you have to do

Please fill in your contact details and we will respond by sending you an email providing further information.

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