Safeguarding Futures

Planning your financial future

Learn about the options and strategies that can secure your financial future. Then secure it for you and your family.

The frenetic pace of modern life makes it easy to spend so much time concentrating on your immediate concerns that we seldom take the time to stop and plan for the future. With so many important issues competing for our time we all need to stop and consider our ongoing financial wellbeing.

As accountants and advisors, we find that for many clients, we spend most of the time undertaking statutory compliance work such as the preparation of tax returns and financial statements. We are delighted if you have chosen Saward Dawson to manage these essential tasks but we can assist in so many other ways. Let us help you understand the many aspects that will ensure  your financial future is looked after. Our team of professionals has vast experience and knowledge that you can utilise. Be confident about your financial future.

Developing strategies

In an initial introductory session we will discuss and prioritise strategies that will, amongst other things:

bullet Protect and develop wealth creation opportunities
bullet Enhance knowledge about your financial affairs and those affecting your children, grandchildren and aging parents
bullet Explore tax effective opportunities.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss with you  how these issues affect you. For further information or to make a time to discuss your requirements contact one of the team at Saward Dawson.

Doing more

How does your financial future look? Are you confident of where you want to be and how you are going to get there?

No matter what stage of life you are at, there is more that we can do to help you. If you are starting out in studies and career, planning a lifestyle change, starting a family, or looking to retirement and possibly aged care, we can help guide you through the financial options and strategies .

Planning for the future

Safeguarding Futures changes the emphasis from just concentrating on your compliance and today's issues to assisting you to plan for the future.

We all want financial security in what are often uncertain times.  You need to know that your finances and assets are doing what you need them to do and that they are available when you or your family need them. Saward Dawson’s Safeguarding Futures is all about you and maximising outcomes and insights you receive from our professional team.

Plenty to think about

Our strategies can cover a range of topics relevant to you. We will tailor and prioritise them to your requirements. Topics that may be covered include:

bullet Investment strategies for maximising wealth
bullet Planning for future generations - children and grandchildren
bullet Investment structures for tax effective wealth creation
bullet Income strategies for retirement
bullet Property investment
bullet Salary packaging
bullet Holiday homes and lifestyle assets
bullet Review of finance and borrowings
bullet Planning that sea change or lifestyle shift
bullet Risk management/insurance strategies
bullet Estate planning and wills
bullet Charitable and philanthropic strategies
bullet Comprehensive aged care strategies

Don't keep putting this off - Act now!

Murray Nicholls

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