Personal income tax

Death and taxes, it is said, are the certainties of life!

It can be daunting

For the average salary and wage earner, attending to the annual tax return is not necessarily difficult but it is often a daunting task.  For the sophisticated investor, the annual tax statements issued by managed funds usually appear to be totally incomprehensible.  For the property investor, they want to ensure that their claims are maximised but may not be sure of what can and can’t be claimed.  For the retiree the real question is often just simply how do I get a refund of franking credits.

At Saward Dawson, we prepare tax returns for all types of people.  Simple returns and complex returns.  Returns for students, nurses, teachers, mechanics, tradespeople, professionals, executives, investors and retirees.  There is no return too easy or too hard.

When you engage us to prepare your tax return, you have the peace of mind knowing that it has been done correctly and that, should the Tax Office come knocking, your affairs are in good shape and we will have the answers for them.

Paul Tan

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