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Property investment

Investment in the Australian property market has proven to be very lucrative over the last 20 years. There are opportunities in city and regional areas for residential houses, apartments and commercial properties.

Each of the options can be attractive and if approached in a considered and educated manner, can return excellent long-term benefits for the discerning investor.

However, there are pitfalls and traps for the unwary; mistakes can be very costly.

Prepare for success

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Our services

Saward Dawson property tax and financial specialists are able to assist you. We recommend contacting us before you commit to anything.

Here are some important areas in which we can assist:

Investment return projections
We have the tools to project rental property returns considering income, expenses, capital growth and tax position based on expected outcomes. This allows us to do "what ifs" and sensitivity analysis by changing variables.

Tax return preparation
The tax issues surrounding the ownership or development of an investment property are complex. We can assist through this process.
We can also optimise your tax outcomes, prepare your return and lodge it at the most advantageous time.

Depreciation reports
We can facilitate property tax reports and advise on their effectiveness for your property. Generally these reports maximise your tax deductions and improve your tax outcomes.

Structuring loans
We can advise you on the appropriate loan structure and strategy that best suits your situation. Care is required when setting up an investment loan. Without the right advice the tax deductibility of the interest on the loan can be at risk.


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