NFP audit and assurance

Our audit and assurance services deliver real value to your NFP - our audit process is more than checking the numbers. 

Opportunities - not just risk

We seek to identify opportunities not just the risks.  We take the time to understand our clients' organisation and the environment in which they operate so that they can achieve their objectives.  Our team is skilled in the preparation of financial reports for NFPs.  We pride ourselves on being able to educate our clients in relation to their financial reporting requirements and measurement, recognition and disclosure issues. 

Saward Dawson can also undertake grant acquittals, internal audits or control reviews.  Too often, NFPs rely on trust rather than effective internal control frameworks which frequently leads to misunderstanding, errors, breakdown in relationships and sometimes misappropriations and frauds. 

An efficient internal control framework is the foundation for protecting both the organisation and staff.

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