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Financial planning is more than just simply providing investment advice. It is a comprehensive process which takes account of your existing circumstances, helping to define your goals and priorities, so that appropriate and suitable financial strategies can be put in place to achieve your objectives. Such strategies may encompass superannuation and retirement planning, tax and estate planning, regular savings plans, as well as investment and risk management.

Financial planning is also a continuous process which must take into account changes in your needs, goals and priorities and the changing financial environment to ensure that your financial and investment strategies continue to be relevant.

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Everyone's financial priorities differ. For some they will be the children's education and mortgage repayments whilst for others seeking financial independence will be the main priority.
The Saward Dawson Financial Planning team take the time to help you plan your financial future. We look at short term and long term goals.

We believe that, as accountants, we are in an excellent position to assist in determining appropriate financial strategies to meet your objectives and provide ongoing advice and assistance in a complex and ever changing financial world.

To provide a more comprehensive service for clients, Saward Dawson Financial Services offers a quality financial planning and investment service within the context of the existing client relationship.

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Saward Dawson is associated with Count Wealth Accountants® (Australian Financial Services Licence Holder Number 227232). Count Wealth Accountants focus exclusively on providing accounting firms, like ours, with the research and technical support required to provide the very best in financial planning advice.

Our advisers are available to consult with clients and help them identify, develop and implement appropriate financial strategies to meet their particular needs and circumstances.

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We happily spend 30 minutes without charge with new contacts to explore relevant issues and outline how we can assist. Let us know your area of interest and we will arrange a specialist to meet with you.

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