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Saward Dawson is proud to support more than 250 charities every year through the provision of professional services at discounted rates, providing technical resources and training free of charge, presenting at various seminars, and working closely with the regulators and advocating on behalf of the sector.  We believe that generosity is foundational to our core values.

In addition, to the support outlined above we also select certain charities that we believe make a significant impact and we raise financial support for the work they do.  We have a core charity that we support annually and then we select an additional charity every six months to be the focus of our fund raising efforts. But we don’t stop there – we also provide financial support to many other organisations in conjunction with the Count Charitable Foundation.  We have generous staff that love to get involved and make a real difference.

Hohidiai (Annual Charity)

This year our fund raising efforts are paying for the full cost of schooling 35 kids from an orphanage in Indonesia.  We have had a long relationship with this organisation and know that through the funding of quality education we are making a lifelong impact on these kids.  

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) ( January - June 2020)

CAP exist because they believe no one should be held hostage by debt; and unfortunately, household debt in Australia has only continued to increase, currently at record high levels.

For the first six months of 2020 we supported CAP as part of our Charity inFocus. At an incredibly crucial time for Australia, we feel so privileged to be able to donate $10,000 with the help of Count Charitable Foundation. To read more about what CAP do, and how you can support this cause, please head to: https://www.capaust.org/

SOS Charitable Foundation (Our January - June 2019 Charity inFocus)

SOS Health Foundation exists to help close the gap in Indigenous health by helping to grow healthy, empowered and self-sustainable communities. They are working to bring about change in access, attitudes and behaviours around healthcare. Their ultimate goal is to equip and empower people in remote indigenous communities to be self-determining, owning, designing and running the allied health services and programs which meet their specific health care needs.

Indigenous Australian's living remotely have a higher incidence of ill health, disability, and lower life expectancy than other Australians, but have fewer health services available to them. SOS Health Foundation are addressing this inequity for Indigenous Australians by providing allied health services in these remote indigenous communities.

There is a permanent clinic on Palm Island which is supported by a regular volunteer team, and their fly-in-fly-out teams visit more than 30 remote homelands in North East Arnhem Land to help close the gap.

We love what the SOS Health Foundation are doing, to find out more information on what they are doing or to support them, head to their website.


International Justice Mission (Our July – December 2018 Charity inFocus).

IJM’s approach to issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation focuses on the critical aspect of prosecution and strengthening of legal systems. Through IJM’s work, more than 40,000 people have been relieved from oppression and over 46,000 officers and officials have been trained.

Through events we held here at the Saward Dawson Offices as well as the generosity of many of our staff members and Count Foundation we are able to donate a total of $13,500.

We love what the people at IJM do. They are committed to ending worldwide slavery.

To get involved with this organisation or to hear more about what they do, head to their website.

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