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The ACNC will receive an additional $1m for the 2018/19 income year to fund anticipated litigation expenses. Although not a significant sum, it is an indication that the ACNC is moving to a greater focus on compliance rather than education.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Government has abandoned the proposed increase to the Medicare Levy. The increase had been proposed “to protect Australians in need through fully funding the National Disability Insurance Scheme”. However, as the Medicare Levy is really just another tax, the Government has committed to funding the NDIS from general tax revenue.

Aged care

The Government will provide additional funding over five years for new integrated carer support services to provide a range of early intervention and preventative services for carers. The Government will also introduce a $250,000 income test threshold for the Carer Allowance payment.

14,000 additional home care places will be created to help reduce current waiting lists. There will also be 13,500 additional aged care places.


The Government will increase the waiting period for new migrants from 3 years to 4 years before they can access certain welfare benefits. Humanitarian migrants will remain exempt from all waiting periods. Refugees will also have to wait for six months, rather than three, to access job search services.

Foreign aid

The foreign aid budget is being frozen at $4.2 billion a year, however a greater portion of it is being spent in the Pacific region. Indexation will not recommence until 2022/23.

Skilling Australians Fund

The Skilling Australians Fund legislation requires employers who hire a migrant worker under a temporary skills visa or an employer nominated visa to pay a levy into the fund. The fund is applied towards vocational education and training.

The Budget has included an exemption from the levy for religious organisations. Many churches with overseas connections hire temporary migrants, including ministers and religious assistants. The levy exemption will provide these churches with a significant saving.

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