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Not for profit - Operational funding

As Chartered Accountants we see a broad range of enterprises, some successful and some less so.  The better performing organisations are well planned, have good controls and look for innovative solutions.  If you are looking at new ways to fund an existing business, or if existing funding just isn't working we would be pleased to help.


A lot of charities rely on fundraising just to survive, for others, it is the little extra used to expand and improve services.  The range of activities is as diverse as the charitable sector itself.  Just some of the activities we've seen are auctions, raffles, telemarketing, op shops, barbeques, charity dinners, fundraising breakfasts, trivia nights, walking & running events, sale of confectionery and cakes, contract manufacturing, sale of commemorative bricks and even zoo poo!

Some fundraising activities are highly regulated at the state and federal level and there is always the question of whether GST applies or not.

We can assist with selecting your fundraising activity, making your fundraising activities tax effective and help you with assessing the results. 

Cashflow / finance / solvency

The NFP sector is not always flush with cash, but gets no exemptions when it comes to paying wages and creditor accounts. 
The first step in being in control of finances is to plan ahead.  We have a number of budget models that can be implemented, or can assist your treasurer in producing an achievable and meaningful budget.  We also can help to interpret the results if budget is not being met.

Occasionally an organisation may need to source outside finance, for a long term project or even just vehicle finance.  Saward Dawson can assist in the planning process and in the application with a range of lenders.

If cash flow is difficult, we would be pleased to give you a frank assessment of your situation and we can help in arranging payment plans with the ATO or lenders.


Your budgeting should begin with analysis of your cash flow, as this is the lifeblood of the business.  However, good budgeting should extend the forecast to show profit outcomes and to show what the future balance sheet looks like.  It should also quantify non financial outcomes, as this is the primary goal of the NFP sector.

Many budgeting models are available and we can assist you to adapt this to your circumstances.  We can also assist with a quarterly budget review so as to provide a rolling budget framework for your organisation.

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