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Not for profit - Employer support

The largest area of business law in Australia relates to employment law and occupational health and safety.  Employers are faced with numerous awards, regulations and on-costs which seem to change every day. 


Employers are required to take out a Workcover policy with the relevant state-based Workcover authority from the first day of employment.  Workcover premiums are based on a percentage of "Workcover remuneration", and this needs to be certified each year by the management of the entity.  The rules vary between states, and are likely to include wages, superannuation, leave payments, allowances and fringe benefits.  There are exemptions for some termination pays and some trainees.

If you need assistance with the annual certification process or are unsure about invoices you have received, we can help.

Employee entitlements

There are ten minimum national standards under the Fair Work Act, plus state based long service leave legislation.  On top of this are the "modern" awards ratified by Fair Work Australia, and commonly an enterprise agreement as well. 

So if you are hiring or letting staff go, you may need a little support or a second opinion. 

Salary packaging

Effective salary packaging using the FBT rebates and concessions available to non-profit organisations can greatly assist these organisations in attracting quality staff.  Saward Dawson has extensive experience in FBT and salary packaging and can assist your organisation in establishing salary packages and preparing annual FBT returns.

Staff selection & recruitment

For small organisations, replacing a key employee can be a traumatic experience.  Sometimes there are too many good candidates, but more often the skills on offer don't quite match what the job entails. 

From the start, we can help to define the role and set out a job description.  We can provide guidance in salary levels and packaging to attract the right candidate.

We can assist in finding the right people and screening the candidates and assisting with interviews.  We also can assist in reviewing the organisational structure and sourcing temporary solutions while the job is being filled.

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