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Not for profit - Accounting support

Saward Dawson's team of staff can provide that extra support and assurance for your employees.

Chart of Accounts

Taking time to set up the chart of accounts correctly will pay dividends in meaningful reporting to stakeholders. 

The numbers in the chart of accounts can be set up to report functional divisions or expenses by nature, or both, depending on your reporting requirements.  Most software packages enable transferring of old balances and information to new account numbers, so information is not locked in to your current format.

Correct set up of account information will make budgeting and compliance reports a lot easier to prepare.


If you are a small organisation looking for the first step, or a large organisation that has outgrown its software, we have people who can assist. 

Saward Dawson staff are accredited users of Cloud Software (internet based accounting products) and are fully trained in the most common accounting packages.

We also have experience and contacts with a number of smaller accounting and payroll systems, and can assist you in finding the right application for your needs. 

Monthly support

Small organisations often can't afford a full time accountant and may have a volunteer or part time bookkeeper.  The bookkeeper will often get all of the bank accounts to balance, but needs a little outside assistance with the activity statement or reporting to the management committee.

We can make available staff to assist for one or two hours at the end of the reporting period to give that support to the bookkeeper or to prepare the board reports.  We can also assist on a temporary basis to develop reporting templates and train your staff to prepare them.

Staff training

To assist you in developing your staff and volunteers, we can train them in the use of software, reporting and accounting.  This is an on site service and can be done in conjunction with the normal accounting work to maximise efficiency.  This allows your staff to be trained with real data in a live environment, but under careful supervision of our staff.

Temporary accounting support

Temporary staff agencies can supply someone to fill the gap when unexpected absences occur, but when a key financial person is missing, there can be a long lead time while training a new person.  For absent senior staff, a major disruption to the organisation can occur and other staff just can't fill the gap.

For the unexpected absence of your treasurer, bookkeeper or accountant, we can quickly provide a senior accountant to prepare board reports, complete month or year end work, reconcile payroll or keep the cash flow going.  Often it is possible to allocate our staff who are familiar with your affairs and who can hit the ground running.  While providing a temporary staff member, we can assist in recruiting a replacement or handing back to your returning employee.

Board and treasurer support

For all entities, the buck stops with the board or management committee.  The committee is responsible for solvency of the organisation, OH & S compliance, employee obligations, financial reporting as well as the stated aims of the organisation.
Usually the board will consist of passionate volunteers, who may or may not have all the skills required to be effective.  The modern board environment requires proper corporate governance, and Saward Dawson can provide assistance in setting up relevant reporting structures and governance policies.

In addition we can assist in interpreting the results or putting in place a long term corporate plan for the organisation.

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