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Setup & establishment

What might be right for one might be completely wrong for another

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Accounting & compliance

Ensure you comply with the various tax laws to make the most of available concessions

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Audit & assurance

Seek opportunities, not just risks

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Tax consulting

NFPs are not automatically tax exempt

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NFP Updates

Keep up to date with the recent NFP changes

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Health, disability & aged care consulting

Working with clients and peak bodies

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The recognised experts in NFP advice

Saward Dawson is recognised Australia-wide as the specialist in the not-for-profit sector with many clients across all states.

The Australian NFP sector provides many essential services that promote and foster community cohesion. Millions of Australians volunteer their time to serve in NFPs and whilst many organisations employ staff in key roles, they are heavily reliant on their volunteers. NFPs qualify for significant Government backing and incentives but with this comes great responsibility.

Running a succesful NFP organisation requires a trusted advisor. Saward Dawson has a proven track record working with NFPs of all sizes across a vast range of activities including health, disability support, cultural and environmental services, recreation, education and research, philanthropy, religion and professional associations.


Consulting Services

We thrive off of the opportunity to improve the future prospects of our clients. The consulting team offer a wide range of services that will make an impact on you and your organisation.


Remuneration Services

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we can assist in making sure that your remuneration arrangements are effective.




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