Centrelink have implemented some changes to the process required to claim the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) lump sum payment.

Previously, so long as you had registered for FTB and your tax return was lodged within 12 months after the financial year you are claiming for, this was sufficient. However, you now need to lodge a Lump Sum Claim Form by 30 June as well.

What is required

To claim a lump sum payment for FTB, Child Care Benefit and Single Income Family Supplement, you must:
bulletSubmit a Lump Sum Claim Form must be submitted by 30 June and
bulletConfirm your income by either lodging a tax return by 30 June or confirming with Centrelink that no return is required.

If you wish to claim FTB, CCB or SIFS lump sums, you can do it through your Centrelink online account, or with myGov.









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