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Currently, taxpayers have an option to use one of four methods to determine their work‑related car expense deductions.

The Government is proposing to reduce the number of methods by removing the "12% of original value method" and the "one-third of actual expenses method". These methods have been used by fewer than 2% of those who claim work-related car expenses.

The other two methods, the "cents per kilometre method" and the "logbook method" are being retained. The "cents per kilometre method" is also being changed by replacing the three current rates based on engine size with one rate set at 66 cents per kilometre, which will apply to all motor vehicles.

The Government says that these changes will enable people who drive electric and hybrid vehicles to claim on a cents per kilometre basis, which is not currently an option for them.

The amendments apply to the 2015/16 income year and later income years.

Joshua Morse

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