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The ATO has announced that it will be undertaking the following two data matching programs they will help them identify people who are making additional income from sources other than their primary, declared source.

Ride Sourcing data matching program

The Ride Sourcing data matching program has been developed to address the compliance risk of the registration, lodgement and reporting of businesses offering ride sourcing services as a driver. (That is the “ATO speak” but they really mean Uber drivers). It is estimated that up to 74,000 people in Australia either offer, or have offered, Uber services. The ATO will request details of all payments made to ride sourcing providers from accounts held by a ride sourcing facilitator's financial institution for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 financial years, and match the data provided against their records. This will identify ride sourcing drivers that may not be meeting their legal obligations. Where the ATO is unable to match a driver's details against ATO records, it will obtain further information from the financial institution where the driver's account is held.

Online selling data matching program

The ATO is also collecting new data from financial institutions and online selling sites as part of its credit and debit cards and online selling data matching programs. Specifically:
bulletthe total credit and debit card payments received by businesses and
bulletinformation on online sellers who have sold at least $12,000 worth of goods or services.

The ATO will be matching this data with information it has from income tax returns, activity statements and other ATO records to identify businesses that may not be reporting all their income or meeting their statutory obligations.

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