Guides - Information in a snapshot

Our Guides contain information that we continually get asked about. They are not technical and give you information quickly and concisely.

Guides for business

  • Business guide to Optimise business value Great businesses don't just happen. They are deliberate.
  • Business guide to Cloud accounting A buzz term? Maybe! But it might deliver real value to your business.
  • Business guide to Business value Make your business an attractive opportunity for someone else
  • Business guide to The top 10 Starting a new business? Here are some great tips.
  • Business guide to The ABC of business There are some things that give you the best possibility of success

Guides for audit clients

  • Corporates guide to The audit process A mechanism for monitoring and accountability
  • Corporates guide to Levels of assurance Audit, review or Agreed upon procedures - Which one is best?
  • Corporates guide to Do we need an audit? There are a variety of reasons why your organisation might need an audit
  • Corporates guide to Overview of Audit The most common audit questions that we get asked

Guides for individuals

  • Individuals guide to Investing The best place to start is by looking at the fundamentals
  • Individuals guide to Superannuation The future is not necessarily as far away as it seems.
  • Individuals guide to Tax questions The most common tax questions that we get asked

Guides for not-for-profit

  • Not for profit guide to Tax concessions It is very complex and depends on ATO endorsement
  • Not for profit guide to Protecting your NFP Good governance and awareness of compliance requirements
  • Not for profit guide to Establishing an NFP NPFs are highly regulated. They must have a solid foundation.

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