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Urgent action may be required in order to participate in first 2 JobKeeper fortnights


The JobKeeper rules have evolved over recent weeks and the process has been confusing for many people. Here are 3 things that you need to ensure have been attended to today in order to participate in the May payment and maximise the payments for the first 2 fortnights:

  1. JobKeeper payments have commenced being paid and many businesses have now received their first JobKeeper subsidy. However the ATO has indicated that to receive the payment for the first two jobkeeper payments by the first week of May you must complete Steps 2 and 3 by 7 May 2020. If you miss this cut-off, you have up till 31 May 2020 to complete Steps 2 and 3 however the payments for these fortnights will be delayed.

  2. A pre-requisite for employees being eligible to participate in the first 2 fortnights (commencing 30 March) is that each employee has been paid the minimum of $1,500 for each of these 2 fortnights (or the monthly equivalent of $3,250) by tomorrow, 8 May. If you have not paid an employee this minimum amount by tomorrow, you are not entitled to receive payment for them.

  3. We also remind you that the 3rd fortnight ends on Sunday 10 May and that to be eligible to claim the payment for this fortnight you must have also paid the minimum of $1,500 for this fortnight or the monthly equivalent of $3,250 during May.

The JobKeeper rules can be complicated. We are finding that many businesses who initially felt they would not qualify are eligible and there are substantial benefits for them. We also are aware of the risks of getting things wrong. If you would like Saward Dawson to undertake a review of your JobKeeper documentation to ensure your eligibility and that you have maximised your entitlements, please contact us.


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