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Saward Dawson's utmost concern is the health and safety of our staff, clients and communities as we continue to respond to the impact of the novel virus (Covid-19).

We are well placed to continue to support you during this time of uncertainty and we are implementing internal policies in accordance with the Australian government recommendations, whilst minimising the impact on our staff and clients.

Business arrangements

At the current time, we intend to keep our office open, however we are implementing a number of measures to protect the health and well-being of our staff and clients. The specific measures include:

  • We are extending flexible work arrangements for our staff.
  • We are encouraging remote working.
  • We will be utilising technology to have video conference meetings that may have otherwise been held in person.
  • Our seminar program will be delivered via webinars until it is considered wise to do otherwise.
  • We are encouraging our staff to minimise in-person visits to client sites and ensure we fully comply with your policies.
  • We will also be limiting travel to interstate clients and postponing all travel to international clients.

These steps are aimed at optimising social distancing and ensuring that our business continuity plans are effective.

Please continue to contact us in the usual manner we are ready to assist and all staff are readily contactable.

Government Stimulus package

The government has announced a significant stimulus package to support businesses during these challenging times. We will be contacting businesses that will benefit from the stimulus measures as we receive further information. We understand that it will be important to ensure the incentives are received by businesses as soon as possible. We encourage any businesses that have additional challenges during this season to contact us as early as possible.

Consider your business continuity plans

Every business is different and needs to have a tailored plan to deal with the current disruption. Our economy and indeed every household needs the supply of goods and services to continue. So business continuity is essential. We encourage all clients to consider all possible scenarios and develop a plan to ensure business continuity. We would be pleased to assist in any way we can.

Reasons to be optimistic

We are fortunate to live in a country that has access to great technology and an amazing healthcare system. We are part of a caring community that is very generous in times of need. We will all support each other through these challenges and no doubt there will be lessons learned on how we can respond better in future.


Take care of each other.


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