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      Volume 18 - Issue 2 - June 2018


  Time for financial year end action

As is our practice, we issue this newsletter in time to bring to your attention things that you may wish to action before the end of the tax year. Do not hesitate to contact the partner, director or manager who looks after your affairs to discuss any things that require your action.
We will also be contacting clients with trusts over the coming weeks to assist with the preparation of year-end trust distribution resolutions. 

New partner announced 

We are excited to announce that Matthew Stokes will be admitted as a partner effective 1 July 2018, having joined Saward Dawson as a graduate in July 2001.
Matt has developed into a highly respected professional, by both clients and staff, with some fantastic and unique skills. He has served in the role of manager and subsequently Director in our Business Advisory Division, servicing an extensive client portfolio.

Matt has also been an essential part of the development of our Consulting Division’s service offering. In particular, Matt has great skills and interest in the application of technology, being central in the development of core tools used in many of our product offerings. He is our “go-to person” for all things Excel and cloud accounting and will be instrumental in our technology directions into the future.

Matt’s appointment as a partner reflects Saward Dawson's continued development. It is pleasing to see our team grow in size and maturity and this reflects our substantial commitment to growing great professionals.

Other announcements

We are also very excited to announce the following promotions.

Kane Noorbergen has been in our Audit Team, having started with us as a graduate accountant. Kane will be commencing as a Manager in the Audit Team as from 1 July this year. His knowledge of audit and certainly the application of technology will be a great asset. He also leads our Aged Care sector speciality team.

Kathleen Poh, who has been an imporant member of our Audit Team, has been recognised as Team Leader. Kathleen did exceptionally well with her professional studies and co-leads our Aid and Mission sector speciality team.

  Charity inFocus 
  WaterAid - A global network enabling communities
At Saward Dawson, we are committed to making a real impact in our community and beyond. One of the ways we do this is by selecting a Charity inFocus every six months; our current one being WaterAid. We have been

actively raising funds and supporting this very worthwhile cause. This has included sending Matthew Crouch and Daniel Ingliss to visit projects in Cambodia and East Timor during May this year. Read more about our Charity inFocus program

About WaterAid

More than one billion people in the world lack access to good quality drinking water; around 2.4 billion people don't have adequate sanitation. The demand for water is increasing at a staggering rate. WaterAid has been our Charity InFocus during the first half of 2018. It has given us a chance to connect with them and to raise some funds. If you don’t know of WaterAid, let us introduce them.      
Check out WaterAid’s website

Within a generation

WaterAid is an international not-for-profit organisation. Their goal is to get clean water, sanitation and hygiene to everyone, everywhere by 2030.

They are determined to make it happen within a generation and they believe the best way to do it is by working with others. That's why they are part of a global network of advisors, policy makers, engineers, campaigners and fundraisers. Their common goal is getting water and hygiene to millions of people still living without these basic human rights.

WaterAid enables entire communities to unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good. “By working with local partners we’re able to deliver lasting change. By investing locally, we know that they can continue the good work even after we’re gone.”




End of year tax tips
These actions might help you receive the benefits of tax deductions sooner.
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Investment and Economic update 

Seminar: The pace of technological change over the next investment cycle and beyond may fundamentally change how companies are valued and portfolios are constructed. What will these mean for investments?
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Maximising your super before 30 June
Here are a few tips you may wish to consider to boost your super whilst receiving some associated tax breaks.
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Watch out for those work related expenses
To claim a deduction, you must be able to show that the expense was directly related to you earning your income and some other criteria as well.
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Purchasing a brand new property?
The purchaser will now pay the GST direct to the ATO to prevent unscrupulous developers collecting GST on new properties and dissolving their business prior to remitting the tax to the ATO.
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Retirement - Getting the timing right
Retirement might seem like a fabulous idea but getting the timing right is really important to make the most of it. This is lots to consider but here are a couple of things that need to be paramount in your decision making.
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Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies
Whilst we do not endorse or suggest trading in cryptocurrencies, we look at how they work and some of the more common terms about this relatively new phenomena.
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ATO targets holiday homes
The ATO sees lots of errors and false claims and they don't care if the mistake is deliberate or not.
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Family Tax Benefit lump sums
Centrelink have implemented some changes to the process required to claim the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) lump sum payment.
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Count Report With articles on:
bulletMake the most of your tax refund
bulletWhat kind of investor are you?
bulletEconomic update.

Russell Bedford World newsletters
RB World - Brand, purpose, culture: The triple challenge for business.
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End of year tax tips
We have prepared a list of things that might save you tax or just worthy of attention as we approach June 30.
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Catching up on compulsory employee super
A 12 month amnesty has been established so that organisations can pay employees shortfalls in unpaid super without additional penalties.
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Changes to Victorian long service leave
While the new legislation does not significantly change LSL entitlements or administration, there are a number of changes that employers should be aware of.
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Financial Reporting update 

Seminar: Do you understand the impact of a number of changes in the financial reporting requirements for the current period and future periods?
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Catching up on compulsory employee super
A 12 month amnesty has been established so that organisations can pay employees shortfalls in unpaid super without additional penalties.
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Client inFocus - Supporting great causes

A group of our staff started talking about how we, as a firm, can be more deliberate in financially supporting some of the great work done by many of our charity clients.
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Meet the new members of our team.
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