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      Volume 13 - Issue 2 - June 2015


  Changing direction

When Cliff Dawson joined Bruce Saward in business over 30 years ago, they had little idea what Saward Dawson would look like in 2015.

Cliff says, "The journey has been thoroughly satisfying and it has been a privilege to to have worked with and served so many clients."

Cliff is undoubtedly a people-person, so it is no surprise to find that his family is a huge priority. And with passions for organisations outside his professional life and a golf game that needs some attention, he has now decided to retire from active involvement in the practice.

  Upcoming seminars 
Governance series
The role of the Chairperson

This series provides practical knowledge in understanding the responsibilities of being a board member.  Read more...

Financial reporting update
Do you know what has changed and is what is proposed for your financial reporting obligations?  Read more...

Some recent seminars
Our Financial Planning team ran a couple of seminars during May. Wealth building basics for Women and an Economic Update with Steve Williams from RARE Infrastructure.
 What happens to your super
 when you die? 

In the second article in our Estate Planning series, Marie Ickeringill looks at the issue of superannuation.

Super does not automatically get included in your estate and is not necessarily dealt with by your will.

However, there are things that you can do to give direction to your fund's trustee.


 For action before 30 June
Here are some last minute tax tips that might be advantageous before the end of the financial year:
For the individual
For business

Last minute tax tips These actions might help you receive the benefits of tax deductions sooner.

The importance of governance When the Board looks at its own performance and adopts good governance, it can have a positve result on the whole organisation.

SuperStream is just around the corner
For many employers SuperStream is a “no-brainer” as it will greatly increase the efficiency of processing super payments. However, some may find it unnecessary given the simple nature of their affairs.

The Federal budget Our analysis for people in business.

Victorian state budget The only significant revenue measure announced was a 3% duty surcharge on foreign buyers of property. 

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End of year tax tips We have prepared a list things that might save you tax or just worthy of attention as we approach 30 June.

Super - How much is enough? With recent media comment that $1M may not be enough to retire on, we thought you might be interested in what we thought.

Estate planning What happens to your super when you die? It is certainly not as straight forward as relying on your will to take care of things.

The Federal budget How it applies to the individual, Superannuation analysis, retirement and social security.



NFP reform - Competing for space
The NDIS means that consumers will choose their provider meaning increased competition between providers.

The Federal budget Our analysis for NFPs and charities.

Is the ACNC safe? The  ACNC has been funded through to 30 June 2019 but with one major qualifier.

The latest NFP eBulletin containing:
bulletThe future of the ACNC
bullet"In Australia" amendments on hold
bulletPrivate Ancillary Fund announcement
bulletFBT concessions

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Count Report With articles on:
bulletDrive your wealth strategy the EOFY
bulletChoosing to insure inside or outside super
bulletUseful apps to monitor your spending

Russell Bedford World Business with articles on:
bulletBelgium - Heart of Europe
bulletMauritius - Stepping stone to sub-Saharan Africa
Doing business 2015 - Going beyond efficiency

Welcome to Matt Dunbar and congratulations to Joshua Morse and Daniel Turcato.


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