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Western Private Hospital - Contributing to a better Victoria

wphThe improvement in the average life span of Australians over the last few decades is due to improved health which is largely attributable to the advancements in our medical system. Strategically located in the middle of Melbourne’s western suburbs is the Western Private Hospital (WPH) serving Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and beyond. It is making a major contribution to the health of many as CEO Vicki Canning explains, “In 2007, WPH admitted almost 7,000 patients and performed 3,372 procedures”.

WPH was established by people with a vision of hope, enthusiasm and commitment to providing better access to quality care. Purpose built in 1998, the Western Private Hospital now provides a wide range of services. The Department of Veteran Affairs recognised WPH as a Tier 1 facility in 2006. Veterans, war widows and entitled persons can be admitted directly as private patients with their doctor of choice. WPH provides a home away from home for these patients whilst offering first class healthcare every time. If a veteran needs to return for further treatment they will find their surroundings as familiar as the faces caring for them. Similarly, WPH has negotiated provider agreements with most health funds and welcomes those people who wish to fund themselves.

The best in care

WPH is the only private hospital to offer acute medical, surgical, oncology and cardiology care for overnight, day stay or ambulatory patients all at the one facility. This specialised care is supported by a range of imaging and diagnostic services including a cardiac catheter laboratory and echocardiology. WPH continues to grow with the demands for private healthcare in our community, opening a five bed Coronary Care Unit in 2007. In early 2008 they also opened a Sleep Disorders Unit that aims to increase awareness of sleep conditions which are prevalent in our community. Whilst often given a low priority by sufferers and doctors alike, successful diagnosis and treatment can result in dramatic improvements in patients’ long term health and quality of life.

Patients are not just local anymore. The Western Ring Road has meant patients are coming from as far away as the Bellarine Peninsular, the inner city, Ballarat, Stawell and beyond.

E. J. Whitten Cancer Treatment Centre

WPH is proud to be the home of the E. J. Whitten Cancer Treatment Centre. The E.J. Whitten Foundation was established in 1995 to commemorate the memory of AFL legend Ted Whitten Senior who passed away due to prostate cancer. WPH is Melbourne’s first private hospital to offer medical, surgical, chemotherapy and radiation oncology care. Chemotherapy treatments are available for overnight and day patients.

Shorter stays

Over the past ten years, advancements in medical knowledge, anaesthetics and surgical techniques have meant a trend towards decreased length of stay. WPH supports this trend with the latest in equipment, expert clinical and non-clinical staff and over 200 supporting specialist consultants. The team works to ensure the best outcomes for patients. On average, patients stay between one and two days. Many people, particularly children, like to spend as little time as possible in hospital, preferring to be at home with their family, friends and pets. Minimal disruption to the patient’s daily routine means that stress is minimised and this often helps people to get back to work sooner.

Saward Dawson and WPH

Saward Dawson has a long history of serving the medical and allied health professions. The firm has been pleased to assist WPH as it planned and built the hospital facility and then as it has grown and developed. Consulting services that have been delivered include feasibility studies, financial analysis of new service streams, budgeting, assisting with finance procurement and being available for general advice. In addition, we have also been pleased to assist with management reporting and attend to year-end tax and accounting services.

Vicki Canning says, “The professional staff at Saward Dawson have been a constant source of advice and support. The hospital is grateful to the commitment they have shown. Saward Dawson have been consulted on many occasions for their financial expertise and assisted in negotiations as the hospital has developed and introduced new services. The long standing relationship has been built on trust, mutual respect and the willingness of the friendly staff to work with our team.”

Located in Melbourne’s western suburbs and providing first class specialised facilities, WPH is able to serve thousands of patients each year from Melbourne and country Victoria. More information about WPH and the E. J. Whitten Cancer Treatment Centre is available on their website at www.westernprivate.com.au.

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