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Statcom Systems - Keeping us safe

Australia has an enviable record of commercial, industrial and public building safety.   The scenes from overseas that we witness on the news depicting disasters in public buildings are largely alien to Australians who live in some of the safest buildings and conditions in the world. But behind this safety, which is largely taken for granted, is a very stringent and planned compliance regime that is government mandated and enforced. Building owners must, by law, comply with very strict essential safety measures maintenance obligations. Regular inspections, monitoring and recording are the keys to ensuring public safety.

Practical essential safety measures solutions

Australian building codes mandate the physical aspects required in a building. Building owner must maintain the safety measures present in the building and ensure an Annual Maintenance Statement is prepared each year.

The extent and type of essential safety measures depends on the type of building classification and occupancy. Most people would understand the need for correct levels of fire detection and suppression. However, fire safety is but one of a very long list of safety measures.

Statcom Systems provides complete practical essential safety measures solutions. They offer a professional and highly developed range of services and products to assist with the compliance of essential safety measures, essential services and fire safety. Their inspection, monitoring and reporting system is used in over 7,000 buildings throughout Australia. It is designed to simplify the safety compliance process with an easy to use step-by-step approach.

End to end services

Managing Director Tad Jung understands the need to provide a full range of services, "Our job is to help people, often from start to finish in the process. Some of our clients run their business within a building they own or lease. However their business is usually completely unrelated to building ownership and the essential safety measures required. In other cases, our clients are professional property managers responsible for the safety and welfare of tenants they have secured on behalf of their landlord clients. Depending on the size and use of the building, there can be all sorts of compliance issues. It may require us to develop a safety compliance strategy from the outset and coordinate the maintenance of extensive records. It can be very complex and you can't compromise on safety. It is essential that we work in partnership with our clients, to ensure the necessary Annual Reports can be signed each year."

Statcom's range of services is complete. They can identify the need for, and organise, inspections of fire equipment, electrical fittings, air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems. They will design and help implement evacuation plans, fire extinguisher training and emergency exercises. And of course they have several products designed specifically for monitoring and keeping essential records.

Online induction systems

Statcom is finding new ways to help property owners and managers comply. Tad says, "Many of our clients have requested help with both staff and contractor induction systems to fulfil their OH&S obligations. Where there are large sites or many contractors coming onto a site, induction training can be a massive undertaking." Statcom in association with Riskmap Solutions, has developed online inductions systems that can have managers design and implement their own content. This means that contractors can login from home or the office and go through an induction program that meets all requirements for OHS compliance.

Saward Dawson and Statcom Systems

Saward Dawson has been actively involved in assisting Statcom since 2003.  Our services have included co-ordinating their quarterly directors meetings, assisting with budgeting as well as quarterly BAS and year-end tax services to the business and the individual directors.  We have also provided assistance with their accounting software and are continually planning to ensure the most beneficial tax and business outcomes.

The importance of maintaining essential safety measures cannot be overstated. With clients in many sectors including commercial, education, retail chains, local councils and the not-for-profit sector, Statcom's client base is diverse and spread throughout Australia. More recently, there has been an increased awareness of the need for compliant fire safety systems and evacuation procedures in Aged Care Facilities; an industry in which Statcom's core competencies are critical.

Statcom Systems are able to partner with their clients in all areas of essential safety measures enabling their clients to concentrate on their business whilst having peace of mind about safety.

Visit Statcom at www.statcomsystems.com.

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