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Loral Ipsum - Clean homes, clean environment

Our homes are important. They are places of rest, escape and shelter. In a home we raise families, entertain friends and build a life and, as with most things that are important, our homes need to be looked after. Whether it is the house you live in, the community outside your door or the environment around you, Loral Ipsum (Aust) Pty Ltd is a company dedicated to helping in a variety of practical ways.

A clean home - think clean, think Supreme

Greg Pearce started Loral Ipsum (Aust) in 1997 after many years working with gardening and agricultural provider, Multicrop (Aust) Pty Ltd. Building upon this knowledge and expertise, Loral Ipsum (Aust) produces a large range of products to keep both the home and the home garden looking beautiful. There are two parts to the business, contract manufacturing, which provides for private label house brands and popular garden and nursery providers, and the manufacturing and sales of its own range of household cleaning products under the ‘Supreme’ label.

The Supreme positioning is ‘Think clean, Think Supreme’. With over 40 products including a Spray Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner, a Citrus Kitchen Cleaner, a Window Cleaner and a Carpet Cleaner, as well as a Platinum range which offers a very popular BBQ Grill Cleaner and a Shower Shine product, the range is extensive and ever-changing. Always aware of the budget conscious market, Loral Ipsum (Aust) takes care of your home by providing value for money and good quality products.

A clean community

Loral Ipsum (Aust) supports Australians by manufacturing all their products in Melbourne. The company employees over 70 staff who are spread across five factories.

Firmly embedded in the heart of Knox, Loral Ipsum (Aust) consciously seeks to support the local community. Bathroom and kitchen cleaners, which are often too expensive for cash-strapped families to afford, are generously donated to local food banks. The company also supports the local Knox Council’s ‘Gardens for Wildlife’ program. Taking his years of experience and passion for gardening, Greg Pearce has helped the council in planting thousands of native plants at their site. This initiative attracts local birds and wildlife to the area and assists in keeping our community clean and beautiful.

A clean environment

Loral Ipsum (Aust) also places high importance on minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment. They strive to be environmentally responsible at all the stages of operations and be good corporate neighbours and citizens by reducing the release of contaminants into the environment, first through pollution prevention (material substitution and source reduction), then recycling, and finally through waste management technologies.

Saward Dawson and Loral Ipsum (Aust)

Saward Dawson has been actively involved in assisting Loral Ipsum (Aust) since 2006. Over these years our services have included the preparation of detailed monthly management reports as well as year-end tax obligations. We also have supported Greg in many ways as his business has grown, such as establishing effective business structures, cash flow forecasts and the provision of ongoing support to key staff. On a couple of occasions we have been able to provide staff at short notice to assist with various accounting functions. More recently, we have overseen the implementation of a new enterprise software system to enable continued growth in the years to come.

A company which is cleaning our homes in more ways than one, Loral Ipsum (Aust) is dedicated to maintaining Australian homes, communities and environment. Have a look at their products and learn more about Loral Ipsum (Aust) at their website www.cleanwithsupreme.com.au.

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