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Ken and Jane - Poetry to our ears

pic1As we approach the season to be jolly (Christmas 2004) we decided to bring you something different for our Client InFocus.

Ken and Jane are retired investors, having been clients of Saward Dawson for three years. Happily married for 46 years, they migrated here as a young married couple when Ken’s company gave him the choice between advancement in England or taking the chance by going to Australia.

Having worked in and around the Stock Exchange, Ken has always loved investing. They now have an entity through which they manage their investments, relying on Saward Dawson to prepare their tax returns and financial statements.

Jane has been a poet for years, having a great love of words and their emotive power. Her "word portraits" attempt to "get underneath and sense what the person brings" to life. They don’t always come easily, as was the case with The Accountant. But Jane says they are like a polished gem, "sometimes you put them down and when you come back to them, the words just create themselves".

The relationship between Ken and Jane and Saward Dawson is one of mutual respect and friendship. Our Business Services Manager Murray Nicholls admires Jane’s fastidious investment records. Jane and Ken for their part, appreciate Murray’s time and professionalism. This was borne out recently when our poet laureate Jane, presented this salute to the accountant.

The Accountant

Beneath the accountant’s mundane, mortal cloak there dwells
A mythical being; part armoured knight engaged in glorious combat, part sorcerer, whose powers stem Miscalculation’s dark, chaotic tide.
Obedient servant to the God of Numbers, he is in every way
Careful to ensure that the Victory - with due deference to the
Client’s degree of mathematical accuracy, is a truly brilliant reflection of his
Own superlative ability to decipher, resuscitate and on occasion,
reinvent the ancient and noble science of Numbers. Hence,
Under no circumstances does the valiant, ever vigilant Accountant
waver from his sacred oath to "Balance and Reconcile -
Whatever The Cost To Life and Limb May Be" yet,
Not for self alone does he assiduously toil, but for those faithful initiatives
with lamps of midnight oil, who climb by Number’s Diligent Path
To his exalted heights. Therefore, Let It Be Known To All,
Accounting is a path of Learning few men dare to tread,
No laurel wreath or victor’s prize mark the ending of The Balanced Page, and so,
To The Accountant our praises truly flow, when in triumph he says,

"No Worries, I’ve Got It Right"

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