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Brighton Travel - Meeting the challenges

In the last few years, many business sectors have faced enormous challenges but maybe none more so than the travel industry. Many of the crises have made world headlines and been impossible to predict. These include events such as September 11, the SARS epidemic, the bombings in Bali and London and of course the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Other challenges such as pilot strikes, corporate collapses in the airline industry and increasing world oil prices have been less sinister but just as impacting. On the other hand, people are travelling more than ever, looking to get away from everyday life in search of relaxation and/or adventure.

Keiran Cromie and Julie Avery purchased Brighton Travelworld in 1999. In the midst of all these circumstances, they have been able to keep the business growing by serving their clients with excellence and quickly responding to instantaneous changes in demand. Keiran says that part of their success comes from, “being prepared to curtail certain services overnight and quickly recover when ‘perceived threats’ disappear”.

brighton travelThe internet challenge

Another major challenge has been the all pervasive internet. Many agencies have not been able to adapt to the widespread availability of information and the ability to make bookings directly on-line. However, Brighton Travelworld has been able to use the internet to offer and showcase a greater range of services to their clients. It is well worth a visit to their website at www.brightontravel.com.au.

Saward Dawson and Brighton Travelworld have developed a successful partnership over several years where each has contributed their strengths and knowledge to build a successful outcome. Saward Dawson provides a range of audit, tax and corporate services to the business and to the individual directors. We have recently been advising Brighton Travelworld directors in complex matters of negative gearing and corporate planning whilst affirming their good management as they run a successful small business.


brighton travelJulie has built a team of highly qualified, experienced consultants who believe in excellence. Brighton Travelworld has found that whilst there is a shortage of good staff available, changing from a full-time workforce five years ago to placing greater emphasis on flexible part-time and job sharing arrangements has been advantageous. This suits many of their experienced consultants and keeps them in the business.

Whilst Julie manages the travel and consultancy side of the business, Keiran’s expertise is in the areas of marketing and IT. Together they have been able to clearly identify their market segment and understand their clients’ travel needs. Much of their business is repeat and referral. They understand the importance of keeping their existing clients informed of upcoming opportunities based on their previous travel history. Use of the internet, newsletters and specific marketing campaigns have been very effective. They are affiliated with several industry groups such as Cruisco and American Express, enabling them to supply the very best in service and travel offers to their clients.
Julie says “Our name has become synonymous with all facets of travel, whether it be your first holiday on a budget, or your ultimate luxury escape. We are recognised for our research and understanding of the ingredients that create a great travel experience.”

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