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Barry Gale Engineers - Creating community

The Warrnambool Hospital, Retirement Apartments on Prospect Hill, the Coroners Court of Victoria and the Diamond Creek fire, ambulance and police station; our community relies on places like these. We drive past them and feel a sense of security and appreciation knowing they are there. The team at Barry Gale Engineers drive past these places and feel the pride of having contributed to their creation.

Barry Gale Engineers is a Melbourne-based structural and civil engineering group. With over 40 years experience and a team of 21 experts, they have provided a substantial number of services with projects in every state and territory. Projects include multi-storey buildings, flood mitigation works, research facilities, roads and bridges. Yet, to this team of expert engineers and professionals, their passion goes beyond the project itself.

A passion for people

Managing director and founder Barry Gale, speaks of his pride in being able to “point to something and say our community is better for it”. With extensive experience in the heath, aged care, education, justice, water and infrastructure fields, Barry’s passion is to contribute to the community in sustainable ways. Whether it is a hospital, police station, shopping complex or university campus, it is about creating places where people live, work and play. “People are everything,” Barry says. “Our work is for people”.

Barry’s passion for people extends to the office as well. While theirs is a very technically demanding business, Barry’s greatest pleasure is to see people enjoy their work and workplace. To this end, his passion is to maintain “a culture where work is worthwhile and valued. To see both people and projects develop”.

An extended team

Barry’s father was also an engineer and from time to time, Barry encounters projects that his father’s team worked on. Barry’s passion and ability for engineering is hereditary but running a business requires more than just a good heritage. Barry acknowledges the importance of having trusted advisers around him to assist in running his business.

Saward Dawson has been privileged to work with Barry Gale Engineers over recent years. Initially we were engaged as consultants assisting with some business planning and the role has developed from there. Barry has appreciated the insight that someone from outside the business can bring. Bruce Saward and Barry have worked closely together looking at the key factors for success in Barry’s business. Saward Dawson’s diverse experience and our ability to see the bigger picture and to think strategically in the business context has helped Barry Gale Engineers through the GFC and prepare for future growth.

Barry speaks of the relationship between Saward Dawson and Barry Gale Engineers as being one of friendship as well as one of a trusted adviser. Relationships are clearly important for Barry and they are also important for Saward Dawson.

With Australia’s small to medium enterprises employing more people than big business and the public sector, the success of businesses like Barry Gale Engineers is crucial to the welfare of our nation and for the families who depend on these businesses for their livelihood. Barry Gale Engineers makes a substantial contribution to our communities by creating physical structures, providing a great workplace and conducting a successful business that people can depend upon.

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