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Animal Aid - Be prepared to fall in love

“The best part of our day is seeing a shelter animal go home with their new family”

Australians love their pets. In fact we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Pets are so much part of our society that it come as little surprise to find that around 63% of Australian households own pets. Many households have multiple pets with an estimated 25 million pets in Australia.

However, the sheer number of pets in Australia means that there will always be lost, abandoned and abused animals in need of care and a responsible home. Animal Aid believes that all pets deserve the safety and comfort of a loving home. Mark Menze, Animal Aid’s CEO (who incidentally says “I have the greatest job in the world!”) says, “We are an open-door shelter that never refuses an animal or person in need. We exist to unite people and pets for life.”

On the move

Animal Aid was founded by two passionate animal lovers, Alexander and Stella Grierson, in 1948, originally as Croydon Animal Aid with roots extending back to 1938. In 1950 they acquired a significant amount of land in Kilsyth and established a small veterinary clinic and animal shelter. After 50 years however, the encroachment of suburbia forced Animal Aid to seek a new home in Coldstream. Animal Aid purchased land with an existing business “Coldstream Boarding Kennels” . Additional facilities were constructed including a Welfare Cattery, Welfare Kennels, a fully equipped veterinary clinic and administration office. The Coldstream facility can house up to 120 shelter cats and kittens and 90 shelter dogs. They are also able to cater for a variety of other common pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits. In addition, there are 134 boarding kennels and 60 cat boarding pens.

Finding homes

It is with real enthusiasm that Mark talks about their Pet Adoption programme. “When you adopt a pet from Animal Aid you are literally saving a life! You are actively helping to bring an end to Australia’s homeless animal problem. Adopting companion pets works to address the issues associated with animal homelessness.”

Visit Animal Aid’s website and be astounded by how many pet adoptions they facilitate. In the last year they reunited over 2000 lost dogs with their owners. All dogs and cats are scanned for a microchip on arrival at Animal Aid shelters and if the pet owners' details are current, they will be quickly reunited with their lost pet.

Saward Dawson and Animal Aid

In 2013, a new Board of Trustees and CEO took leadership at Animal Aid; identifying several at risk elements of the business. Saward Dawson was appointed to partner in providing accounting assistance, development of robust systems and processes, financial year end audit and assistance with financial statement compliance. We recognise the great work that Animal Aid are doing in the community and are pleased to work with them on this journey.

Animal Aid is passionate about companion animals. Not only do they provide shelter and adoption facilities, they assess every animals’ health and temperament in order to make the best possible adoption matches. Often, animals are in need of special care or surgery. The low adoption fees include the cost of desexing, vaccinations, worm and flea treatment along with microchip identification. Add to this their follow-up services such as boarding services, dog training, veterinary and behavioural advice, and pet adoption becomes an excellent way to add a new member to your family.

Visit their website at www.animalaid.org.au but be prepared to fall in love with all the friendly animal faces that await you!


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