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Cadetships at Saward Dawson

Great reasons to work at Saward Dawson

A cadetship with Saward Dawson enables VCE graduates the opportunity to combine paid employment in the accounting profession with their tertiary accounting studies. Cadets are often able to excel in their studies through the provision of challenging and varied work experiences within a flexible working environment.

The program

Our Cadetship program is usually run over 3 or 4 years. It comprises a combination of full-time uni particularly in the first year, part-time study and part-time work. We will work and discuss with you the best options when it comes time to considering joining Saward Dawson in a part-time role.

Year 1  You do full-time at uni for your first year.
Year 2  There are two options:
You commence with Saward Dawson in a part-time position, normally the equivalent of 3 full days per week. This enables you to complete your degree over the next 3 years.
You remain at uni full-time, once again being supported on our scholarship programme
Year 3   You remain at uni part-time, still working at Saward Dawson
 You commence with Saward Dawson in a part-time position as detailed above. Your degree may be finished this year or next year.
Year 4  With either option, you complete your degree part-time whilst also working at Saward Dawson part-time.


Our cadets get involved in the regular training sessions provided to professional staff. In addition, cadets are provided with on the job training covering audit, business services and taxation. Cadets also attend our Back to Basics graduate training sessions.

Cadets, like the rest of our staff, have access to senior staff including managers and partners, if they have particular technical matters with which they need assistance. Additionally, we encourage cadets to utilise the firm’s technical and electronic resources if these can assist in any way with their studies.

While you work

Cadets are trained in many areas of our practice. Assignments include tax return preparation, client bookkeeping and auditing. Extensive use of the many different Information Technology packages is a routine part of life at Saward Dawson. The ability to learn whilst in the work environment should accelerate your progress in tertiary studies and will make them more relevant.


In addition to the modern facilities and friendly team environment, we provide our staff, including cadets, with a mentoring process whereby they meet regularly with a more senior staff member to discuss their work commitments and other issues.

We provide cadets with a six monthly formal review with a manager and a partner.

Work requirements

We aim to be flexible in relation to the hours worked throughout the duration of your studies. We require cadets to work a minimum of three days per week (around 24 hours per week) for the term of their cadetship. This may be spread over four days. We will review our expectations at the commencement of each semester to ensure that it accommodates, where ever possible, the university timetable.

Obtaining the right balance

Flexibility is the key to ensuring your success both on the job and in your studies. Your academic success is important to us and we will support you to ensure the right balance and scheduling of your work and study commitments.

Our expectations

We expect the following of our cadets:
bulletCadets will dedicate sufficient efforts to their studies to ensure they obtain a high standard of academic achievement.
bulletCadets will work a minimum of three days per week (approximately 24 hours). This may be increased to full time during university holidays and other times when available. Normal office hours are 8.30 to 5.30 with an hour for lunch which equates to a standard 40 hour week. We limit cadets’ overtime to a minimum.
bulletCadets will continue to seek to develop personally through their involvement with other activities outside their work and study commitments.
bulletCadets will quickly progress to a level of junior accountants and beyond as they are provided with work experience and as they develop academically.

If you wish to apply for a cadetship with Saward Dawson, please supply the following information:
bulleta letter of introduction with accompanying resume that details your school activities and previous work experience if any
bulleta copy of your most recent marks
bulleta list of the universities which you have applied for and the nominated courses (if you have already applied)
bulleta demonstration of your ability to work in a team
bulleta demonstration of how you share our ethos and vision

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