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  • 4th Apr 2017 Business

    Company tax cuts passed by the Senate

    The tax cuts include other things like Small Business Entity concessions and SBE unincorporated tax discounts
  • 25th Mar 2017 Individuals

    Super questions

    With super changes taking effect from 1 July 2017, now is a great time to give some thought to questions like… Will I have enough to retire on? Is there a better option than super? Everyone’s...
  • 18th Mar 2017 Business

    Specialist consulting: Spotlighting everyday business principles

    Helping clients with the "How-to" change their organisations for a brighter future
  • 10th Mar 2017 Business

    Working holiday makers in Australia

    After considerable debate, the "backpacker tax" has finally been decided.
  • 1st Mar 2017 Individuals

    Inherited a property?

    The are several tax aspects to consider if you inherit a property. It can be straight forward but there may be complications too.
  • 28th Feb 2017 Business

    Website expenditure

    The ATO recently issued a ruling outlining their view on the deductibility of expenditure incurred in acquiring, developing, maintaining or modifying a website for use in the carrying on of a...
  • 25th Feb 2017 Business

    Safe harbour for car fringe benefits

    The ATO has worked with industry representatives to simplify how certain car fringe benefits are calculated.
  • 21st Feb 2017 Business

    Simpler BAS for small business

    It is not a major change but it will help, particularly the removal of G10 and G11.
  • 21st Feb 2017 Individuals

    Super - "The biggest reforms in a decade"

    A multitude of changes especially putting limits on the amount you can have in super
  • 7th Feb 2017 Individuals

    Is salary packaging for me?

    Salary packaging is complicated but there are many legitimate and tax-effective arrangements available.
  • 31st Jan 2017 Individuals

    The benefits of franking credits

    Franking credits are especially beneficial if you have a SMSF
  • 29th Jan 2017 Individuals

    Think tax when considering property development

    This case demonstrates that the tax implications of property are neither simple or straight forward
  • 24th Jan 2017 Not-For-Profits

    AIS deadline is approaching

    We look at the looming AIS deadline, some guidance on charity reserves and what political purposes means.
  • 19th Jan 2017 Business

    Stimulating creativity

    Some simple tips that can boost your creativity
  • 12th Jan 2017 Business

    Employer obligations for public holidays

    Public holidays are mandated throughout Australia. The Fair Work Act stipulates how they are to be implemented by employers.
  • 11th Jan 2017 Not-For-Profits

    PBI interpretation statement

    The Interpretation Statement provides guidance on the ACNC’s view of the meaning and scope of the PBI subtype
  • 7th Dec 2016 Individuals

    Managing risk

    You cannot eliminate risk. But by identifying it and managing it, you can live with it.
  • 2nd Dec 2016 Individuals

    A time for giving

    If it is a worthy cause then tax deductibility is only one consideration. But if it is consideration, here are some tips.
  • 1st Dec 2016 Individuals

    Business premises are still attractive for SMSFs

    Opting to own your business property through your SMSF can be a financially rewarding investment.
  • 1st Dec 2016 Individuals

    Avoiding the spending bandwagon

    One of the substantial benefits of going through a formal financial planning process is to develop a plan and set a budget with some disciplines.


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