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  • 21st Dec 2005 Economy

    Land Tax and trusts in Victoria

    Legislation was passed in late November to change the way trusts are assessed for land tax in Victoria.
  • 7th Dec 2005 Individuals

    Capital Gains Tax records

    Records need to be retained to substantiate all items included in tax returns. The burden of proof rests with the taxpayer.
  • 7th Dec 2005 Business

    The ATO is closing in

    The ATO is becoming evermore vigilant and sophisticated when it comes to verifying that taxpayers are complying with the tax laws.
  • 22nd Nov 2005 Individuals

    Superannuation changes

    Superannuation continues as a dynamic area with some key changes recently announced or legislated.
  • 22nd Nov 2005 Business

    Workplace Giving

    Workplace Giving is a voluntary program that results in an automatic tax deduction for employees, without the need to keep receipts.
  • 26th Oct 2005 Individuals

    Land tax and trusts

    Land tax is a progressive tax that uses a sliding scale to assess all properties owned by a taxpayer as at 31 December each year.
  • 14th Oct 2005 Individuals

    ATO mistake re car log books

    The ATO has confirmed that letters will be sent to the affected taxpayers to rectify the problem.
  • 6th Oct 2005 Not-For-Profits

    Not-for-profit organisations registered for GST

    The ATO that they have identified a number of not-for-profit organisations who have voluntarily registered for GST.
  • 6th Sep 2005 Individuals

    Low doc loans

    “Low doc” loans require no proof of income such as group certificates, tax returns or business trading results.
  • 5th Sep 2005 Business

    FBT and Christmas benefits

    One of the areas that can cause confusion at a time of year when there is already enough going on is that of the fringe benefits tax.
  • 2nd Sep 2005 Individuals

    Personal services income

    The PSI rules are designed to prevent normal wage and salary earners setting up a business and claiming deductions available to businesses.
  • 28th Aug 2005

    Small donations to tsunami appeal

    The ATO has recognised that many Australians made “small change” donations to “bucket collections”.
  • 18th Aug 2005 Individuals

    Changes to Long Service Leave

    All Victorian employees are entitled to the minimum Long Service Leave provisions of the Long Service Leave Act.
  • 7th Jun 2005 Business

    Service trusts

    The ATO has long-held the position that service fees paid to a related entity for use of assets and employees are deductible
  • 7th Jun 2005 Business

    Non-reviewable contracts

    In order not to disadvantage businesses that had entered into contracts before the GST was implemented
  • 11th May 2005 Economy

    Federal budget update 2005/2006

    We report some of the highlights from the respective budgets that we believe will impact on many of our clients.
  • 28th Apr 2005 Business

    Succession planning - Keeping it in the family

    Are you planning to retire from a family business or know someone who is?
  • 5th Apr 2005 Business

    Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

    The Act creates equality between all businesses, no matter what size.
  • 15th Mar 2005

    On the ground in Indonesia

    One of our former staff members who has moved onto something very different and is definitely making a huge difference.


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