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  • 7th Jun 2007 Economy

    Year end tax tips

    With the end of the financial year approaching quickly, there are quite a few benefits available from acting now.
  • 15th May 2007 Individuals

    Annoying phone calls register

    If you are tired of those annoying sales calls that purport to being surveys, the Government has set up the Do Not Call Register.
  • 11th May 2007 Economy

    Federal Budget summary 2007

    With the announcement of the Federal Budget last Tuesday, we bring you this summary of the income tax related items.
  • 26th Mar 2007

    Winner of 2007 Excellence in Business Awards

    Saward Dawson were presented with the following awards at a gala dinner at the Box Hill Town Hall on 23 March 2007.
  • 15th Mar 2007 Business

    Potential tax free gains to business owners

    The changes to the Small Business CGT Concessions are most welcome, opening up access to the concessions.
  • 14th Mar 2007 Business

    Grants for small business OHS training

    A Federal Government programme enables small business owners with less than 20 full-time employees to receive free advice.
  • 4th Mar 2007

    Cliff says "thank you"

    Many of our friends and clients have followed with interest Cliff Dawson’s participation in last November’s Great Victorian Bike Ride
  • 27th Feb 2007 Individuals

    Super opportunity requires action before 30 June

    These changes are aimed at making superannuation simpler and even more tax effective.
  • 20th Feb 2007 Business

    Company reporting thresholds

    The Federal Government is considering a review proposal aimed at reducing the regulatory burden and excessive red tape.
  • 22nd Nov 2006 Individuals

    Paying your tax debt by instalments

    It is worth knowing that if you owe the Australian Tax Office money you can enter into a payment arrangement with them.
  • 20th Nov 2006

    Cliff rides to make a difference

    Read about the result - $39,000 raised Cliff Dawson has taken the challenge to participate in the 2006 Great Victorian Bike Ride. He will be riding with a couple of friends and his son Ashley. It is...
  • 2nd Nov 2006 Individuals

    Making the most of your holiday house

    Holiday houses can be a wonderful place of retreat whilst also being a worthwhile investment.
  • 27th Oct 2006 Not-For-Profits

    Review of not-for-profit sector accounting standards

    We will be working to provide input into a review of Australian accounting standards for the not-for-profit sector.
  • 13th Sep 2006 Individuals

    Superannuation - Stop Press

    The Treasurer announced significant changes to superannuation making it simpler and more tax effective.
  • 12th Sep 2006 Business

    How does your business rate?

    Too often, businesses fail during the critical initial phase because of poor, but avoidable, business practices.
  • 5th Sep 2006 Individuals

    Property sales and GST

    In most cases, the sale of the family home does not attract GST. However...
  • 30th Aug 2006 Individuals

    Rental property repairs

    The ATO has released a document to assist owners of rental properties when claiming deductions for repairs.
  • 17th Jul 2006 Individuals

    Warning against tax schemes

    The ATO recently advised taxpayers not to get caught up in dubious, end-of-year tax schemes.
  • 16th Jun 2006 Individuals

    Big changes to superannuation

    The treasurer announced sweeping changes to superannuation in a bid to encourage an increase in retirement savings.
  • 14th Jun 2006 Economy

    Federal Budget highlights 2006

    In this article, we would like to mention a few of the highlights that will affect many of our clients.


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