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  • 11th Dec 2019 Business

    FBT-free gifts this Christmas

    With Christmas spirits high, tax doesn't usually come to mind when employers are buying gifts for their staff. Employers can avoid FBT by providing employees with gifts that cost less than $300 per...
  • 11th Dec 2019 Individuals

    Returning to work after accessing your super

    Retirement isn’t necessarily a permanent thing as even the best-laid plans can collapse when circumstances change. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found the most common reasons retirees...
  • 11th Dec 2019 Business

    Labour hire arrangements

    At our recent employer obligations seminar, our guest presenter reported how labour hire arrangements in Victoria must now be licensed in accordance with the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018. A labour...
  • 11th Dec 2019 Business

    Super payments - no margin for error

    On 1 July this year we saw the introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP). STP delivers to the ATO live information about payroll transactions. This enables them to cross match with other authorities...
  • 11th Dec 2019

    Peter Shields pedalled into the spirit of Christmas

    What a privilege it was to be able to participate in the Great Victorian Bikeride last week to promote and raise funds for the amazing work undertaken by the Summer Foundation. It was also fantastic...
  • 11th Dec 2019

    CBM - Charity inFocus

    CBM - Charity in Focus Over 1 billion people worldwide live with some kind of disability – they’re the world’s largest minority. 80% of people living with disability live in the world’s poorest...
  • 11th Dec 2019

    Rowan Cooper pulls up the stumps

    Rowan Cooper pulls up the stumps After more than 16 years at Saward Dawson, Rowan Cooper is retiring at Christmas. Rowan has worked behind the scenes for the firm assuming a variety of roles...
  • 23rd Oct 2019 Business

    Update on Remuneration Matters

    We have prepared the following update in relation to various remuneration matters. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these, or if you require further assistance. Taxi travel...
  • 11th Sep 2019 Not-For-Profits

    ACNC External Conduct Standards

    The ACNC’s External Conduct Standards are now in force. These standards set out the ACNC’s minimum requirements for a registered charity that conducts any activities offshore. It is important that...
  • 17th Jun 2019 Not-For-Profits

    Director Liability and Superannuation Guarantee

    New legislation means that there is no longer a three month period allowed after the due date for superannuation guarantee.
  • 12th Jun 2019 Not-For-Profits

    GST Free Long-term Accommodation Supplies

    The ATO provides market value benchmarks for long term accommodation which can be used by most charities. These benchmarks have recently been updated.
  • 10th Jun 2019 Not-For-Profits

    DGR status

    An overview of DGR status and some new categories have been added.
  • 5th Jun 2019 Business

    An Economic Roundup

    As another financial year comes to a close, it is interesting to take a few moments and reflect on the previous rollercoaster 6 months we have had in both the Australian economy and Federal politics...
  • 29th May 2019 Not-For-Profits

    Charity inFocus

    Saward Dawson is proud to support more than 250 charities every year through the provision of professional services at discounted rates, providing technical resources and training free of charge,...
  • 29th May 2019 Individuals

    Year end 2018/19 tax tips for the individual

    */ Now is the time to review all your records to ensure you maximise your tax deductions in this year’s tax return. Here are our top tax planning tips for individuals and businesses. The tax return...
  • 22nd May 2019 Individuals

    End of financial year - Super strategies

    As the end of the 2018/19 financial year end approaches, now is a great time to think about growing your super.
  • 22nd May 2019 Business

    Business Top Tips for maximising your 2018-2019 deductions

    Increase in the instant asset write off: The instant asset write off for assets costing less than $25,000 that has previously been available to businesses with a turnover of $10 million or less has...
  • 21st May 2019 Individuals

    Super - Don't set and forget

    Financial circumstances change throughout life. Your super should be considered at every stage.
  • 15th May 2019 Individuals

    Estate planning

    As we approach the end of the financial year, maybe this year, once you have organised your tax return you might then look a bit further ahead.
  • 28th Apr 2019 Business

    Single Touch Payroll to include everyone

    The changes are so significant and compulsory that we think that it is worth presenting a summary for each employer category


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