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  • 19th Oct 2020 Individuals

    ATO continues to be tough with SMSF Trustees

    */ It can be very expensive for a SMSF trustee or a director of a corporate trustee who fails to adequately fulfil their responsibilities. An administrative penalty can be charged to each of the...
  • 16th Oct 2020 Not-For-Profits

    JobKeeper 2.0 for Independent Schools

    In August 2020, the Federal Government announced an extension of the JobKeeper Scheme until March 2021. There are two new eligibility periods, October to December 2020 and January to March 2021...
  • 7th Oct 2020 Business

    Budget Summary 2020

    */ An abnormal budget This has certainly been a year where we have seen many major events impact on us all. Things beyond our control such as fire, floods and a global pandemic. After setting a...
  • 7th Oct 2020 Individuals

    Superannuation Announcements

    The budget fulfilled a promise by Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the last federal election that there would be no changes to superannuation taxes. There were no wide-ranging changes to the...
  • 22nd Sep 2020 Individuals

    Reviewing your SMSF Investment Strategy

    The superannuation laws require Trustees to prepare and implement an investment strategy when an SMSF is established and then to review it regularly, which means at least annually, and also as...
  • 22nd Sep 2020 Individuals

    Valuing Investments in your SMSF

    Asset valuation is a key component of preparing meaningful SMSF financial reports. The investment values adopted will directly impact the rate of return achieved and each member’s total...
  • 18th Sep 2020 Economy

    JobKeeper Update

    */ Our previous article that summarises the initial JobKeeper 2.0 announcements and JobKeeper 1.0 changes can be found here . There have been a number of important updates this week in relation to...
  • 7th Aug 2020 Economy

    JobKeeper Changes

    The Government announced today (7 August) that they will be changing two key points of the eligibility criteria for JobKeeper. These two changes are significant and we would expect they will allow...
  • 21st Jul 2020 Economy

    JobKeeper 2.0

    This article has since been superseded as a result of recent announcements. Please refer to this article for current JobKeeper information.
  • 26th Jun 2020 Not-For-Profits

    Victorian Portable Long service leave for community services

    By now most Victorian employers in the community services sector will be aware that the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme (the scheme), governed by the Portable Long Service Leave Authority (PLSA)...
  • 19th Jun 2020 Economy

    An Economic roundup

    It is now 380 days ago since penning my ”Economic roundup” article. In that article I referred to the previous rollercoaster 6 months with respect to the Australian economy and Federal politics. Well...
  • 16th Jun 2020 Individuals

    HomeBuilder Grant

    */ HomeBuilder is a tax-free grant program initiated by the Federal Government. It aims to stimulate the residential construction sector following the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. The...
  • 9th Jun 2020 Business

    Change to Victorian foreign purchaser additional duty affecting discretionary trusts from 1 March 2020

    */ A discretionary or ‘family’ trust is commonly used as an entity to acquire residential property due to the advantages that they afford, such as flexible income splitting arrangements. People who...
  • 9th Jun 2020 Business

    FIRB & Residential Real Estate

    In addition to navigating Victoria’s complex stamp duty requirements involving the acquisition of real estate by foreign individuals, companies or trusts, a foreign purchaser needs to first consider...
  • 5th Jun 2020 Individuals

    Year end 19/20 Tax Tips for the Individual

    Now is the time to review all your records to ensure you maximise your tax deductions in this year’s tax return. Here are some top tax planning tips. The tax return process is made much more...
  • 5th Jun 2020 Individuals

    Major Changes to instant asset write-off

    Instant asset write-off policies have been expanded as part of the Government’s COVID-19 initiative to encourage business spending in an effort to increase cash flow, stave off an economic recession...
  • 5th Jun 2020 Business

    Protecting your digital assets

    Cyber risk is one of the leading threats for small businesses in Australia, with the cost of a cyber incident averaging $276,000 for businesses. Whether it’s marketing material, legal documents or...
  • 5th Jun 2020 Business

    Varying PAYG instalments

    Businesses experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 may be over-paying their PAYG instalments if their current rate no longer reflects their estimated tax for the year. This can cause...
  • 5th Jun 2020 Individuals

    Working from home: what deductions can you claim?

    Many employees are now being required to work from home to meet social distancing requirements placed on them by COVID-19, and are now faced with meeting some of the costs associated with their job,...
  • 4th Jun 2020 Individuals

    Superannuation Strategies for 2020

    Super contributions are one of the areas that individuals need to review now, even more so this year with the impact on super fund balances as a result of the economic downturn due to COVID-19. The...


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