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The boots represent the five elements that set Saward Dawson apart. We are proudly, "not what you expect from an accountant" and the boots demonstrate how we are different. Of course we can do everything that you expect from an accountant, but these are the areas that add real value to our clients, our staff and our community.

shoes We are proud to be a bit different. We are not what many people might expect from an accountant. Similarly, the clown shoes are not your everyday footwear.
shoes The well worn work boots reflect experience and expertise. We have been around a while and can guide you when you need a specialist who knows what they are doing.
shoes Thongs might be very simple but they suit their application perfectly. We strive for innovative solutions that help you achieve your full potential.
shoes The muddy gumboots represent our long history of serving community organisations with many not-for-profit organisations as clients. But we also serve our general client community by providing services that go well beyond what you would expect from an accountant.
shoes Like any sporting team, we are most effective as a team. We are committed to our staff and value teamwork, training, nurture and encouragement, a fun environment and recognition.


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