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Bruce Saward


Chartered Accountant (Fellow)
Registered Tax Agent
Registered Company Auditor

Bruce has been with the firm since 1981. His initial employment and training was with one of the big eight accounting firms (as they were then). He has played a key role in the development and growth of the firm.

Over the years he has assumed audit, taxation, business services and IT roles and is a true all rounder. With the explosion of complexity over recent years, he takes great comfort from the support of the specialists in the Saward Dawson team.

In recent years much of Bruce’s time has been committed to consulting and strategic business planning which builds upon his diverse experience. He regards lateral thinking and the ability to think outside the square as an important part of his role both as a consultant and a leader within the firm.

When not in the office

Catching up with friends
Church leadership and community groups

Bruce and Jenny have two adult children, Miriam and Ashley.
Time out side of work is spent catching up with friends, enjoying someone else’s cooking and generally relaxing.
Bruce has maintained an active involvement in church leadership and community groups over many years.
The occasional round of golf is enjoyed but also reminds him of things he is yet to achieve!

Favourite holiday destination: Europe Bruce and Jenny have spent a good deal of time travelling overseas, especially in Europe and there are so many highlights it is hard to pick one. Regardless of the destination Bruce enjoys soaking up the local history, culture and cuisine.

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