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Russell BedfordBusiness World newsletters

pdf documentMarch 2020  Investing in Romania taxation considerations

pdf documentSeptember 2019  Technological Evolution - the challenge for business leaders

pdf documentMarch 2019  Investing in French Real Estate

pdf documentAugust 2018  New York: The place to succeed

pdf documentMay 2018  Brand, purpose, culture: the triple challenge for business

pdf documentSeptember 2017  What is the future of globalisation?

pdf documentMarch 2017   Greece's foreign investment revival

pdf documentSept 2016   Mexico - A destination for growth

pdf documentMarch 2016   Italy - An enticing business destination

pdf documentSept 2015   Shanghai is open for trade

pdf documentMarch 2015  Belgium - Centre of Europe

pdf documentSept 2014  Britain is great for business

April 2014  pdf documentWhy businesses fail

Sept 2013  pdf document United Arab Emirates - An oasis of opportunity

March 2013  pdf document Germany - Still the strong man of Europe?

Sept 2012  pdf document China - Flying with the dragon

April 2012  pdf document Today's Russia

Newsletters for the Asia-Pacific region 

pdf documentJune 2020 Foreign Investment in Australia

pdf documentMarch 2020 Russell Bedford Response to COVID-19

pdf documentDecember 2019 China's first ever IIT Annual Filing to come

pdf documentJune 2019 Economic Round-Up for Australia

pdf documentMarch 2019 AU: Single Tough Payroll

pdf documentSept 2017 Tax transparency and new measures

pdf documentApril 2017 Budget and tax around Asia

pdf documentJan 2017 China trying to stimulate economic growth

pdf documentSept 2016 Common Reporting Standard for Information Exchange

pdf documentJuly 2016 Malysia's GST - One year on

pdf documentJan 2016 Tax changes and incentives

pdf documentMarch 2015 Flexibility and adaptability

pdf documentJune 2014 Doing business in Malaysia and GST

 April 2014  pdf documentThe changing face of accounting

 Sept 2013  pdf documentA change of government

 June 2013  pdf documentUS-China regulatory impass possibly broken

March 2013  pdf document The ABC of being in business

 Jan 2013  pdf document Welcome to 2013

 Sept 2012  pdf document Clean energy and tax incentives

 June 2012  pdf document Australian not-for-profit reform

 Dec 2011  pdf document Transformation and changes

June 2011  pdf document Mid year review

April 2011   pdf document Business World - Cuba in transition

March 2011 pdf document  Earth hour 2011

Dec 2010 pdf documentWelcome 2011

Sept 2010 pdf documentWorld congress of accountants

June 2010 pdf documentTransnational games and finance

March 2010 pdf documentEarth hour & sustainable devel.

Dec 2009 pdf documentNew perspectives for 2010

Oct 2009 pdf documentTransfer pricing

July 2009 pdf documentEconomic counter-measures

April  2009 pdf documentResponse to financial crisis











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