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NFP audit

We have a significant involvement in the provision of assurance and other services to the not-for-profit sector. We audit a large number of not-for-profit entities and are ideally experienced and equipped to assist with your audit and assurance requirements.

Many of our staff are personally involved in the not-for-profit sector which gives them firsthand insight into the challenges faced by organisations working in this sector.

We undertake the statutory audit of many not-for-profit and charitable organisations. Our team are experts in the assurance and financial reporting requirements of:
bulletcompanies limited by guarantee
bulletincorporated associations
bulletcharitable trusts
bulletunincorporated associations
bulletproprietary Limited not-for-profit companies
bulletpublic ancillary funds.

Whilst our audits are undertaken in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards, they also focus on providing insight into internal control systems, quality and completeness of accounting records, adequacy of accounting policies, compliance with applicable legislation and risks faced by the organisation.

In addition, we also have experts in remuneration planning, fringe benefits tax and the various exemptions, GST, tax concessions. We are able to provide compliance and risk assessments to ensure your organisation will satisfy its obligations and maximise its eligible concessions.

We undertake fully electronic audits embracing advanced data interrogation techniques that enable to use our expertise in the interpretation of variances, exceptions and matters requiring skill and judgement.

We are proud of and value our working relationships with both management and governance bodies. They help to ensure that maximum value is provided whilst maintaining strict independence.

We would be pleased to talk to you about how our audit services can provide value to your business.

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